1/31/22 — CMC Winner, Cosplay in America Interview & Badging!

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2 min readJan 31, 2022


Features, Features, and… Features!

How is everyone doing during the first month of 2022?

We have a few awesome updates for you this month:

  1. Our very first Cosplay Monthly Challenge winner
  2. Being featured in a Cosplay in America interview!
  3. Alpha badging is live!

Cosplay Monthly Challenge Winner — January

We are happy to announce the first Cosplay Monthly challenge winner for January, MysticDragon_Cos. With her original design of Dungeons and Dragons Fawn, she makes you want to bundle up and join her leaping thru the snow! (Photographer is Starlight).

The February Cosplay Monthly challenge will be Sweets! Use the tag ‘CMCSweets’ to submit your cosplay on Original Glaze!

OG <> Cosplay in America Interview

Our very own, Raddedd (Shawn), was featured in Cosplay in America, a blog dedicated to understanding cosplay in the US this past week.

If you ever wondered how Original Glaze got to where we are today, check out the interview here.

Thank you again for featuring us, Ejen!

Badging is live on the platform!

You may have noticed that there is a small ice cream badge next to all your usernames. This badge is a small token of appreciation for supporting us so early during our Alpha.

When we finally become open to the public, you can now see who joined Original Glaze during the early days! Also, if you see the golden chad the cat badge, you have discovered an OG team member!

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