4/26/22 — FCoM: Flowers, Explore 2.0, OG Premium and more

Cosplay Monthly Challenge Winner — April

Platform Updates:

Explore is now better than ever!

In case you haven’t seen it, we have completely revamped the ‘Explore’ tab experience. Under the new ‘Explore’ experience, you will see a Glazes and Topics view.

Content guidelines!

If you were curious as to what are the best practices to content to post, look no further. We have content guidelines publicly available to all of our users here.

Bug fixes & quality of life updates

There has been a lot of feedback about how the ‘Create Glaze’ flow would sometimes be finnicky on the mobile app on Android. We have gone through and improved various areas so now creating a glaze should be easy and painless!

  • Removing an image using the (-) button has now been optimized for all devices
  • On mobile, the hitbox is larger

OG Premium & Time Square Update

For our alpha users who have been here since the beginning, the team is so grateful for all of your feedback and patience with the development of the OG platform. Without your feedback, we would not be where we are now, almost 2 years later.

Here are ways you can help us grow our community!

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