4/26/22 — FCoM: Flowers, Explore 2.0, OG Premium and more

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Cosplay Monthly Challenge Winner — April

As flowers come in to bloom they can really bring a pop of color. This month’s Cosplay Monthly Challenge goes to A_Craftypants. Airlia the spring dryad is an original design of hers. She loves creating texture with fondant molds and foam clay so she had a blast making the beautiful bracers for this cosplay.

Photo by JPeG Photography / Bodice, bracers, headdress and horns by Amelia Craftypants / Leather ivy cuffs by Foxes and Ravens Leatherwork / Wig by Arda Wigs

As the weather starts to get nicer it’s the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine and take some cosplay pictures! The prompt is ‘CMCSunshine’.

Lighting is an important component to picture taking! Whether you’re enjoying the Golden hours or creating your own epic lighting we want to see your beautiful cosplays shine! Share them on Original Glaze using the prompt and maybe you will be next in the newsletter!

Platform Updates:

Explore is now better than ever!

In case you haven’t seen it, we have completely revamped the ‘Explore’ tab experience. Under the new ‘Explore’ experience, you will see a Glazes and Topics view.

The Glazes view is now much more visual and provides a collage of all of the glazes posted recently. The Topics view organizes glazes under different categories that are easily viewable in their own feed. Log in to try the new experience!

Content guidelines!

If you were curious as to what are the best practices to content to post, look no further. We have content guidelines publicly available to all of our users here.

They are also available now during new account registration.

Bug fixes & quality of life updates

There has been a lot of feedback about how the ‘Create Glaze’ flow would sometimes be finnicky on the mobile app on Android. We have gone through and improved various areas so now creating a glaze should be easy and painless!

Here are some of the things that have changed:

  • The order of images for glazes with more than 2 images now works across all platforms
  • Removing an image using the (-) button has now been optimized for all devices
  • On mobile, the hitbox is larger

OG Premium & Time Square Update

For our alpha users who have been here since the beginning, the team is so grateful for all of your feedback and patience with the development of the OG platform. Without your feedback, we would not be where we are now, almost 2 years later.

As we move into our next phase of the platform, we will be offering premium features for subscribers. The two tiers of this premium service are ‘Pro’ and ‘Founder’.

Pro subscribers will be able to post longer glazes, videos, and no ads (as well as a few other features in the works). Founder subscribers will get all of the Pro features and monthly sessions with the OG team for feedback and a vote on what new features they would like to see in our roadmap next!

Why are we offering these tiers? Because when Original Glaze is finally available to the public, we want to make sure all users have the best experience for a cosplay platform. Premium users help fund the OG experience for everyone and OG will always have a free tier to welcome as many people from the cosplay community as possible. More information about OG Premium will be available in the coming months so stay tuned.

On the Time Square feature, thank you everyone who submited. The nominations are now closed.

We mentioned previously that we were hoping to get the Original Glaze feature during the April/May time period to showcase the diverse and talented cosplayers on our platform. We are postponing it likely for a few months due to some big plans this summer. I ask everyone to be patient because there are going to be some awesome surprises coming soon.

Here are ways you can help us grow our community!

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  • Donate to our Ko-Fi to get the OG platform to the general public!

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