5/31/22 — FCoM: Sunshine, Sneakpeek: OG Premium, and more

Cosplay Monthly Challenge Winner — May

ThermoCosplay is usually working hard on SFX make up or having fun on Sundays with a cosplay talk show, https://www.costalk-live.com/! They really took advantage of light and shadows to make a super dynamic picture!

With June being Pride Month, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make things colorful! The prompt for June is Color. Share them on Original Glaze using the topic ‘CMCColor’ and maybe you will be next in the newsletter!

Sneakpeek: OG Premium

As an alpha user, we wanted to show a token of our appreciation for supporting us for so long. When OG Premium becomes available, if you choose to subscribe to ‘Pro’ or ‘Founder’ tiers, you will keep the price of that package forever as long as you stay subscribed. That means, as we support more premium features and benefits in the future, your monthly price will always be the same until you cancel!

Are there features on the Pro or Founder tier you are excited about? Let us know!

Platform Updates

Hover-over tooltips no longer overlap. If you are a desktop user, you’ll notice when you hover over another user’s photo/name or badge, you’ll see a tooltip that pops up. When we first introduced badging, hovering over it would make the user preview tooltip AND badging tooltip appear one on top of the other. This is now fixed so hover away!

Chad the cat is back! If you’ve been on the desktop app or on tablet in the last few months, you’ll notice our mascot Chad hasn’t been around in the navigation menu rolling around. He is back! (for some reason, he took a vacation and didn’t tell anyone).

Here are ways you can help us grow our community!

Donate & Support us!

  • Donate to our Ko-Fi to get the OG platform to the general public!

Join the community!

  • Join our Discord to ask questions, provide feedback, and meet other cosplayers!

“A man’s weight consists nothing but what he burdens himself with.”
The Original Glaze Team



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