July 16th — Mobile App is live! FCOM: Ashweezcosplay & Ko-Fi Donations enabled!

Happy July everyone!

Big news! The mobile app is now live! To download the new app, please follow this link from your mobile device: https://app.originalglaze.com/app-install Please note that the app is currently not available via any app stores and must be downloaded from the Original Glaze website.

For iOS, simply click the link above and follow the instructions on the page.
For Android, please open the link via Google Chrome and the download should start automatically.

Featured Cosplayer of the Month

This month we’re featuring Ashweezcosplay in their Toru Hagakure cosplay from My Hero Academia! Check out more of their cosplays on their profile. (Only works if you’re already on the platform)

Platform Updates

We officially have over 1,000 Original Glazers across web and mobile! This is super exciting and we want to thank everyone for supporting us thus far, especially to everyone who has provided feedback via email, the Discord #feedback channel, and through Google forms. Your feedback is vital to helping us fix bugs and determine new features. Speaking of which, many of your requests are already being implemented into our design road map so keep an eye out for more features in the coming months!

Unfortunately, this amazing increase in users has caused a few extra bugs, which we are currently working through, but this does mean we’ll be slowing access for new users to Alpha for a bit. Don’t worry, though! This is just a delay and not a hard stop so please keep sharing Original Glaze with your friends and let us know if you find any annoying bugs in the system so we can fix them!

Another stat that we thought was kind of cool and wanted to share with you this month is that 66% of all our image uploads and views are coming from Europe! No doubt our German friends have played a big role in boosting that stat!

Last, but definitely not least, we have created a Ko-Fi! If you’re enjoying Original Glaze and want to help support the app, please consider leaving a donation. All contributions are greatly appreciated as they allow us to create new features, allow more users, and will help us launch Original Glaze into beta!

Here are ways you can help us grow our community!

Follow & Like us on:

Tell your friends and fellow cosplayers about us

  • Use your social media to tweet & post about what we are doing
  • Word of mouth — we can’t grow without people being interested in what we are doing!

Join our Discord!

  • Join our community. Ask questions, give us feedback, meet other cosplayers here.

“Whatever you lose, you’ll find it again. But what you throw away you’ll never get back.”,
The Original Glaze Team




A social network for cosplayers, by cosplayers

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A social network for cosplayers, by cosplayers

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