June 17th — New Topic Stylings, FCOM: ThermoCosplay, Chad is alive!

Hello everyone!

This month, we are featuring ThermoCosplay with her awesome depiction of Lady Dimitrescu! Check out her profile here (only works if you are on the Alpha already)

Platform Updates!

  • We have brand new styling for Topics. On desktop, hover over a Topic and you can see our new beautiful overlay.
  • Chad the cat (our trusty mascot) rotates in the navigation bar again! If you are curious, hover your mouse over Chad on your computer!
  • We are working on the #1 most requested feature: delivering a dedicated mobile app. It is almost here… stay tuned to our July update. 👀 👀 👀 👀

Thank you to everyone in the Alpha reporting bugs and providing feedback through our handy forms here and here.

Our discord community continues to grow every day. We continue to receive feedback on how to make Original Glaze better every day. Drop by and hang out!

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“I will be the strongest!”,
The Original Glaze Team



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