Original Glaze — A new cosplay social network

This blog will document our journey in building Original Glaze, a brand new social network dedicated to cosplayers, makers, con organizers, photographers and fans. See more at .

But what does that mean?

For a cosplayer, it means:

  • Creating & sharing cosplays at the latest conventions.
  • Buying/Selling/Trading costumes ahead of the next one.
  • Arranging meetups and finding other cosplayers just like them.

For a maker, it means:

  • Sharing build guides and distributing them to fellow makers and cosplayers.
  • Receiving and completing commission requests within a tight knit community.
  • Getting inspiration from other makers all in one place.

For a convention organizer, it means:

  • Providing up-to-date information about their convention.
  • Gathering information about what makes convention goers happy & excited.

For a photographer, it means:

  • Finding fantastic cosplayers and makers to shoot.
  • Showcasing your work to prospective cosplayers.

For a fan, it means:

  • Seeing & keeping up with what their favorite cosplayers are doing.
  • Supporting cosplayers & makers that take true pride in their craft.
  • Finding new up and coming stars to follow.

Most of all, what does Original Glaze mean to us?

Cosplay is strange, different, beautiful, and fun. We are excited to build a place on the internet for anyone interested in cosplay & fandom.

Who is behind Original Glaze?

When we say we want to build a home “for cosplayers by cosplayers”, we mean that.

Original Glaze was started by two friends, Joseph & Shawn in late 2019. While Joseph was new to the cosplay scene, Shawn is an avid cosplayer in the Denver area. We both saw an opportunity to really build a home for cosplayers all over the internet.

As the project grew from concept to execution, we were joined by a few developers, a designer, and a community growth organizer.

As of January 2021, the Original Glaze team is made up of 6 people, all working on this project while maintaining our day jobs.

Why are you working on it?

The cosplay community is scattered all over the internet. Between traditional social media, personal websites, blogs and terrible out-of-date web products, there isn’t a single place on the internet that cosplayers can call home.

We see Original Glaze, not only as a home for cosplayers, but where cosplay as a community can thrive and grow. We are passionate about building software that cosplayers find valuable.

With a team composed of cosplayers and tech people, we hope to build a community where people can do the things they are doing at conventions and meetups but online in one place.

How Can I Help?

Building the #1 home for cosplay on the web is a tough task. Our small team will never be able to succeed without your help.

  • Tell us what you would like to see in our feature roadmap.
  • Test our launch early, give us feedback, and reserve a unique username before everyone else!

Tell your fellow cosplayers, makers, convention organizers, and fans about Original Glaze.

  • A home is simply a house without people. As more people join Original Glaze, the better the community will be.
  • Cosplayers are a close-knit community. Your endorsement and support will help other cosplayers know that we are sincerely building for people in cosplay.

Follow & like us on social media for all the latest updates on our platform.



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